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Scam casinos Not on Gamstop to Avoid

Many people enjoy casino gaming. Some would treat casino gambling as a simple pastime while others think of it as a hobby. Casinos can be exciting and fun, especially if you are winning. For some, it is just for fun, but big time betters think of casino gaming as part of their lives.

Now that casino games can be played online, people can easily access and play wherever and whenever. This has become a convenient choice, as people need not go to casinos to play and win. They just have to sign up with an online casino site to play and place bets. But people who play online should be cautious with the casino sites that they are signing up with. This is to prevent them from having troubles and problems online. In this post we discuss how to avoid scam online casinos and how to find safe online casinos that are not signed up with gamstop

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What are Unlicensed Casinos?

Most of the time, first-time casino players will not really look into the licenses of the sites. They are after the games, bonuses, and winnings. There are only a few who would look into the site’s license first before signing up. Casinos that do not have licenses are those that did not apply or register with the gaming legislation of their country. The owners may have various reasons why they did not get licenses and permits. But most of the time, their reasons are because of the taxes. Unlicensed casino sites can still operate online and get as many players as they can. However, it is sketchy as in reality; you are playing in an illegal casino gaming site.

What are the Dangers of Playing in an Unlicensed Casino?

  • Sites are unregulated
    It is pretty much: “sign up at your own risk”. It is possible that the unlicensed casino site is a scam or fraud, and you do not get any protection since you opt to register on an illegal site. The country cannot put strict laws on the site since it is not registered and considered discrete.
  • Possible scams
    Dealing with unlicensed casino sites can be risky, as some might scam you out. Sometimes, a player has played a bet and won and did not get their winnings. This is possible as you are playing in a casino site that does not have permits and licenses.

How to Spot an Unlicensed Online Casino Site?

  • Huge bonuses
    Unlicensed online casino sites are looking for many customers to attract since they know that some people are hesitant about playing in illegal sites. With this, they offer huge bonuses all the time. The bonuses become the attraction of the site.
  • No published licenses
    Licensed casino sites publish the links of their licenses. This is for those who are skeptical about the legality of the site. But for offshore casino sites, there are no links to show. When signing up for an online casino site, it is best to look for the license number of the company first.
  • Scandals
    Casino sites that are unlicensed would have scam news and scandals everywhere. This is easy for them since they do not have any permits or licenses are to be revoked. They can change from one name to another after every scandal and still operate as an online casino site.
  • Non Gamstop user
    Unlicensed casinos intend to keep their players betting even if their credit blows up big time. Therefore, most of them do not use Gamstop as this software will limit the spending and betting of a player. Many licensed casinos use Gamstop to make sure that their players can self-exclude if they want.

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How to find safe online casinos not on gamstop?

License, Licence, License! If the casino has a license from anybody of authority such as the UKGC, Malta, Curacao or Giblartar you can rest assured the games are random and the casino is safe.

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